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What makes the perfect candle?




At Wiff we get asked a lot of questions about candles.

Can you make them out of human ear wax (yes if you really wanted to)? Is it possible to make one that lasts forever (no)? And how do we get the smell of sunshine into our scents (alien technology from a UFO that crashed in Compstall in 1946)?

One question that we always struggle with is about what makes the perfect scented candle?

We haven’t got a clue really.

People’s preferences are as individual as their noses. It’s a bit like asking about the perfect dog, perfect colour or perfect cheese. A lot of it is down to your individual taste. Saying that, Brie De Meaux is the perfect cheese and anyone who disagrees is a philistine.

However, we can offer you some guidance towards finding your perfect candle.

It’s all about quality

First of all, let’s talk about quality. Your perfect candle will be a step above those you keep in the kitchen drawer in case of a power cut.

It will last a long time, and burn slowly but beautifully. It won’t crackle away and ruin your ambience and there won’t be a strange acrid byproduct that you can get from candles created by people who should be working in another industry.

Your perfect candle’s scent should also gently spread across a room without creating spots where the smell is eye-wateringly excessive or so weak that it could be coming from a flower planted in a garden several streets away.


It’s all about you

But when it comes down to it, the perfect candle is your choice.  And it has to be perfect for a certain moment.

Have a think about the mood that you really want to create. Do you need something to take you away from a cold, rainy British winter? Do you want to be transported to a field of flowers, a summer lawn, a favourite childhood memory or somewhere exotic where you almost hear the sea lapping against the shore?

In short, the prefect candle will take you to your perfect place. And only you know where that place might be.

Obviously we highly recommend that you purchase every candle in the Wiff range to try them all out and see what works for you. However, the more thrifty amongst you should probably look inward first before selecting your scent.

Rest assured, all Wiff candles come with the potential of perfection. We’ll leave the rest down to you. Browse our range here.