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What does your candle say about you?



Tired of the “Same old ingredients” “Same old products”, Wiff was formed to inject some pizazz into your home with our range of candles… but what does your candle say about you?
Candles connect with us on a different level, each symbolising different states of mind. Whether you are relaxing in the bath, engaging in a stimulating conversation in the living room or rustling up a fry stir fry in the kitchen, a candle is a natural extension of our thoughts and actions. We take a look at our range of candles and uncover what each of them really says about us. Just click on the images to view more about each product.



Made from a combination of rose and tuberose. The rose with its elegance and beauty but can cut you deep if you don’t treat it with care. And the Tuberose, the all-night party animal, with its night blooming tenancies native to Mexico.
Those that enjoy lighting the Bloomin’ Marvellous, are known to have an air of royal grace, but their feisty Latin origins enhance their character bringing life to the party!





A truly British candle. With aromas of champagne, strawberries and vanilla this candle is for the ultimate lady or gentlemen. Perfect for the mantelpiece in the living room whilst enjoying watching the tennis, polo or even just tucking into a scone and a delicious cup of earl grey.




A candle that is open and warm, beckoning in the rays of the sun. Hello Sunshine is a candle for the friendly, drawn to the warmth in us all. Made from Grapefruit, those that enjoy this candle will enjoy the diversity of characters in people, the sweet or the bitter, much like the fruit it is made from.




Knock on Wood is for the constructive and resilient. Made from two types of wood, sandal and cedar, both renowned for their strength, but still, have a smooth and creamy preciousness. This candle is for those that are strong willed and constructive but equally smooth in their nature.




Made from Lemongrass and Verbena both of Asian origins, this candle is only for the sophisticated. You are suave in your nature, fresh and clean in your appearance. Now you have a candle that truly defines who you are and what your about.